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Potion Pots

HEAVILY inspired by the lovely little pots of potion from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These, alike my Stained-Glass Window Rupees, are a recipe I made when I was much younger posted to YouTube. At the time I wasn't even allowed to TASTE these but they were so stunning I had to make them again, P.S you can make them alcohol free too x

They truly are delicious though and take really NO time to make at all! We made them during my Zelda themed Dona Bakes. Here's a clip of just the drink being made;


Potion Pots

This recipe is enough to make 2 shots.

If you want to make these without alcohol, simply replace the Vodka with 7up.


20 Skittles of the desired colour (I used Red & Green + Blue from the Tropical pack)

2 shots (90ml) - Vodka

Coffee Filters


7up or Sprite

  1. Firstly in a small bowl, combine the skittles with the two shots of vodka. Let sit for 6 hours/overnight.

  2. Line a funnel or coffee dripper with a coffee filter and place over a cup. Pour in your mixture and allow to filter for 20-30 minutes. You can agitate the bottom of the filter with a spoon every so often to help it filter faster but sadly this process will take a while.

  3. When it has filtered completely, pour up one-third of the potion/shot glass with the vodka mix and fill the rest of the way with 7up!

  4. Finally enjoy!!

If you tried this out, tag me on my socials! (below and above) xx

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