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Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A very quick and simple cocktail you can make in less than a few minutes! Super tasty and doesn't taste very strong of alcohol if you're someone who tends to avoid HEAVY cocktails!

We made this gorge cocktail in Dona Bake - Episode 2: Baileys Coffee Cake! Click here to find the Baileys Coffee cake recipe and shown below is how I made this cocktail.


Cosmopolitan Cocktail

This recipe makes two glasses of Cosmo! I use a 60cl (cactus) shaker aswell.

Ingredients 2 shots (90ml) Vodka

1 shot (45ml) Cointreau / Triple sec

1 shot Fresh Lime Juice

Cranberry Juice (roughly 450ml)


Orange peel to garnish

  1. Firstly fill your serving glasses with ice and set aside. Now fill your shaker about 3/4 up with ice and pour over your vodka, cointreau and lime juice.

  2. Now fill the shaker with Cranberry juice. If you prefer a stronger cocktail, start out filling 3/4 and taste test.

  3. Place on the lid and shake for about 30 seconds.

  4. Pour the cocktail over the ice in your serving glasses and garnish with Orange peel and enjoy!!

I really hope you enjoy this recipe, if you make this, please tag me on twitter and instagram (links below) and make sure to stop by one of my streams (my schedule is on the home page) where I make a brand new cocktail every week!! x

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