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Dona (pron. dough-na) is a drag artist, host & content creator on TikTok & Twitch who streams baking, gaming and drag all while creating a safe space for LGBTQIA2+ members/allies.

Out of Drag, Dona is an Irish Non-Binary person based in London but often travels back to Dublin. With a Degree in Professional Baking & Managment, this has crowned her the Queen of Baking on Twitch.

She hosts quite a lot of events such as panels, interviews, shows and produces her own Bake-Off charity events featuring international content creators, entertainers and TV stars raising thousands for charity. Most recently she hosted the first ever Drag Showcase at TwitchCon Amsterdam.

She has been featured on the front page of Twitch and on multiple articles such as PinkNews, GCN & RTÉ to highlight her drag, baking and charity events.


Why TwitchCon's Drag Showcase was so important - Eurogamer

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